Polish jewelry designers Zofia & Jacek Diehl unite the elegant simplicity of nature with the timelessness of silver in this original collection. Each piece is made up of a variety of carefully selected plants, which are individually copper-plated. The organic material is dried, then removed and the hollow shapes are arranged in attractive compositions.

A layer of silver is applied to the shells using a process known as electro-plating. Finally, a surface patina is used to give the appearance of old silver. Like nature itself, each design is the only one of its kind.

The following images are only a samples of our continuously changing collections.

Silver-plated pendants and earrings

Copper-plated pendants and earrings. Silver-plated brooches.

Silver-plated brooches.

Silver-plated brooches.

Copper-plated brooches and bracelets, silver-plated rings.