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Maria Wojtowicz incorporated Chrzaszcz Inc. (pronounced shawn-sh-ch) in 1997 to introduce the sophisticated elegance of Polish linen to North America. Originally a partnership among three Canadian women of Polish origin, she become the company's sole proprietor in 2000. An architect with Masters degree from Harvard, product and textile designer herself, Maria creates clothing for women and items for the home that exemplify style, liveability, and a discriminating taste for the simple yet extraordinary.

Polish linen fabric, originally custom woven for Chrzaszcz Inc, is complemented with the richness of silks imported from India. The bold and innovative designs are hand-dyed and hand-painted using traditional techniques, making each piece an original.

Our collections consist of limited edition items made out of natural gauze and knitted linen. Each season, Maria and a team of designers introduce new approaches to women's clothing. The concept is a simple one: snapshots of beautiful images from nature, art and architecture translated into wearable art. In addition to designing the garments, original colours are created in the Chrzaszcz studio. Each linen item is individually hand-dyed or painted. The composition of colours and patterns are chosen specifically according to the shape of the garment and type of fabric.

While the majority of the collections are made in the Chrzaszcz studio Vancouver, Canada, many items are made in Poland in order to showcase the skills of Polish craftspeople. Chrzascz Inc. is also proud to introduce the Silver Nature Jewelry Collection design by Polish jewelry designers Jacek and Zofia Diehl.

Dear Ms. Wojtowicz,

I had no idea that anyone was designing and actively marketing such amazing garments -- until, tonight, while gazing longingly at Tara Tango Shoes' website www.taratangoshoes.com (I am a dancer; I have to lust over good shoes!), I found the link to your website, described as "Fashion for grown-up Women".

Indeed; I truly have seen no other collection, until yours, that so elegantly respects and celebrates both the materials of the garment and the mature woman's form -- although I note that your younger model looks grand in CHRZASZCZ designs, too. But I have to say, your silver haired model, wearing those exceptional garments, is simply _magic_. She moves me to embrace my fifty-five years, and the ones to come, as I had not so far done.

Thank you for presenting us with such intelligent, playful beauty. You have inspired my day.


Beth E. Baker